Board of Directors


Chris Casamassa
Shihan Chris Casamassa: President of the American Karate Kung-fu Federation, A.K.K.F.
President of Red Dragon Karate Studio Chain. 8th Degree Black Belt. (35 schools)
Owner of Red Dragon Karate Studio, Glendora Ca.
Owner of Red Dragon Karate, La Verne, Ca
Owner of Red Dragon Karate, San Dimas, Ca
Owner of Red Dragon Clothing Company
Promoter of Hollywood Nationals Karate tournament
Co-Promoter of California Grand Nationals
Host of Black Belt TV 2011
Creator of “KickNFit Kids” (NATIONAL)
Recipient of the “Living Legend Award” (2003)

1988-89-90-92-93 Forms Grand Champion – California Grand Nationals
1989 Forms Grand Champion – Niagara Nationals, Canada
1990-91 Forms Grand Champion – World Pro-Am, Washington
1990 Forms Grand Champion – U.S.A. Nationals, North Carolina
1990 Forms Grand Champion – Mile High Championships, Denver
1991 Forms Grand Champion – Empire State Nationals, New York
1991 Forms & Weapons Grand Champion – Compete Nationals, Canada
1990-91-92-93 Forms Grand Champion – Ontario Grand Nationals, Canada
1992 Weapons Grand Champion – Compete Nationals, California
1992 Weapons Grand Champion – Bluegrass Nationals, Kentucky
1993 A.K.K.F. Hall of Fame Inductee – “Top Competitor in the 90’s”
1993 A.K.K.F. Hall of Fame Inductee – “Instructor of the Year”
2009 California Grand Nationals Best Judge and Ref.
Between the ages of 4 and 17, Chris won over 200 trophies from age 4 to 17.

Louis Casamassa
Director & Founder
Shihan Sensei Louis D. Casamassa, Director and Founder of the American Karate Kung-Fu Federation. 10th Degree Black Belt.
Mr. Casamassa began martial arts training in Japan 1958.
Received first black belt in Judo by Resei Kano (the son of the founder of judo) at the Kodokan Tokyo, Japan.
Received black belt in karate by Mas Nagano, Yokosuka Japan and Toshiko Yagome.
Received black sash in Kun Tao 1966-68 from Master Guy Savelli.
U.S. Marine corps captain all marine judo and karate team 1959-1961
Served 4 years as Pennsylvania police officer
Began teaching martial arts in U.S. in 1963 in Bethlehem, PA.
First ever to teach women at the men’s YMCA, 1963.
Opened 5 studios in Pennsylvania 1963 to 1972
Held the first Karate tournament in Pennsylvania 1966.
Founded American Karate (AKA) Red Dragon Karate Studios
Founded A.K.K.F. American Karate Kung-fu Federation, 1967
Manager of two finance companies
Musical manager of Rock Groups

Scott Casamassa
College Coordinator
Scott Casamassa: AKKF College Coordinator. 6th Degree Black Belt.

Shelly Toland
Shelly Toland AKKF Accountant. 4th Degree Black Belt.

Ned Reber
National Points Registrar
Ned Reber AKKF National Points Registrar. 5th Degree Black Belt.

Darryl Gotto
Sergeant of Arms
Darryl Gotto AKKF Sergeant of Arms. 6th Degree Black Belt.