Mission Statement


The A.K.K.F.’s primary mission is to certify all ranks under one international umbrella. Next, we believe all Martial Arts should be united. As Americans, we are proud of the accomplishments of American Martial Arts. We believe that, in the history of the Martial Arts, no culture better embraces the Arts than Americans. We are thankful for the Orient for giving us the Arts and with that gift we have developed and progressed the Arts to an unprecedented level.

In Unity There Is Strength


We at the A.K.K.F. are on an endless quest for Martial Arts excellence. We will strive to enhance our service to our members and we promise to:

1. Install the values of respect, discipline, confidence, and self-reliance to all our members.

2. Provide an atmosphere of unity that extends out to the family and your community.

3. Provide a service for our members above and beyond their expectations.

4. Off support online or in person.

5. Build and enhance the A.K.K.F. as a true Martial Arts federation.

6. To develop a meaningful relationship with all our members, to assist them in their endeavors of martial advancement.

7. To encourage the exchange of Martial Arts ideas and styles, and to discourage conflicts in the different styles and systems of Karate and Kung-Fu.

8. To uphold our standards and keep everything in conformity with our policy of national unity.

9. To uphold our standard of Brotherhood and make available all A.K.K.F. leaders for advice in related Martial Arts matters.