Finally, a solution and a union of strength.

What is the reason a martial artist in Karate or Kung-Fu would join the A.K.K.F.?

Membership Benefits:

1. Authentication and sanction of your current rank by World Leaders in the arts.

2. Sanction of your studio and its right to teach the Martial Arts, supported by the A.K.K.F.

3. Central Database of all ranks involved in any style of Martial Arts.

4. Being represented by the A.K.K.F. in matters of importance in Martial Arts to protect our chosen profession from groups and people trying to do harm to the Martial Arts.

5. Having all Martial Artist practitioners united, regardless of style or system. In numbers we have strength.

6. To create a lobby and have a platform for the Martial Arts to protect our chose profession from groups and people trying to do harm to the Martial Arts.

7. Discounts at national and regional rated tournaments sanctioned by the A.K.K.F.

8. Discounts offered to A.K.K.F. members from local and regional businesses, a complete list of these businesses will be listed in our newsletter and online at the A.K.K.F. website,

9. Becoming a member entitles you to purchase online most A.K.K.F. supplies, including limited Martial Arts equipment and related items. Members main discounted prices depending on the type of membership they have.

10. A.K.K.F. newsletter monthly online with many updates, as well as our up and coming magazine.

11. Based upon type of membership, there are incentives including: A.K.K.F. uniform, patches, seminars, and tournaments at no charge.

Types of Memberships:

There are (4) four types of membership in the A.K.K.F.
They are:

Life Member
Charter Member
Individual Membership
Honorary Membership

How to become a member:

Life membership is open to all individuals that study any Martial Arts.
Life membership receives many benefits.
Fee for life membership is $350
Benefits will include, A.K.K.F. Uniform, 3 A.K.K.F. Logo Patches, Life member certificate, Rank Certificate of all Ranks you have received or will receive. I.D. Card. Free Entry to California Grand Nationals, yearly.

To become a charter member you must be a studio owner, with a minimum of 40 students. You must have been in business teaching Martial Arts for at least 2 years. You must hold the rank of 3rd degree black belt or higher. Once you become a charter member you will receive your membership package.

To became a regular individual member and receive many benefits you just need to be an active student training in the martial arts.

Any Rank:
Which ever rank you are just send us a copy of your certificate and we will send you a full color 8×10 certificate, a Logo patch for your uniform an identification card to carry.

The fee for this membership is:
$75.00 from white belt to 1st degree black belt, there is no renewal, once you make black belt, or if you are a black belt the fee is $125 from 1st degree to 3rd degree. Members receive rank certification for all ranks.

This type of membership is bestowed by Charter Members only, charter members can recommend any person that they feel has helped the martial arts grow and benefit society. Many Honorary members are Parents who have help individuals and studio owners develop a martial way and have donated much of their time in helping owners and other members.

The A.K.K.F. has numerous honorary members in all walks of life, from movie stars to politicians to singers and businessman and women.