Charter Schools

The following guidelines are for A.K.K.F. Charter Schools to follow.

The A.K.K.F. (AMERICAN KARATE KUNG-FU FEDERATION) is an organization of professional martial art experts experienced in all aspects involving the martial arts field.

THE A.K.K.F. is committed to your success.

Starting and sustaining an excellent charter school is hard work, and even the best charter founders and operators cannot exist entirely on their own. An infrastructure of technical and informational support is required to help maintain quality schools.

The A.K.K.F. provides professional expertise, direct technical support and the most comprehensive, customized services available. We empower charter schools, enhance their effectiveness and viability, and contribute significantly to the achievement of their full potential as a model for the renewal and reinvention of the public’s view of the Martial Arts.

The A.K.K.F. is proactive, providing practical hands-on and martial assistance for authorized and potential charter schools in the areas of:

• Charter Development: Starting a charter school; understanding laws and policy; compliance issues: understanding the constitution and by-laws of the A.K.K.F.

• Staffing: Training and recruitment; professional development; compensation; Instruction: Development of mission, vision and instructional goals; program evaluation; advance Martial training.

• Accountability: Student achievement assessment; charter renewal and revocation issues, managing data & research.

The A.K.K.F. is dedicated to the development and successful establishment of charter schools. The A.K.K.F. promotes the sharing of ideas, best practices and experiences among new and existing charter schools by providing essential and advance martial training and informational services.

The vision of the A.K.K.F. is that the charter school movement will be vital as demonstrated by the schools’ strength, independence and use of the best educational and management practices. America’s parents will understand and exercise their right to attend A.K.K.F. charter schools and view and evaluate our system.

The A.K.K.F. is a Certification Federation as well, this means that any and all charter schools will be certified, not only their current rank but will be allowed to certify all of their students with a rank of “International recognition”. Honorary promotions are given to members that have been active in the arts over a period of years without any instructor.

Charter school members will also have the benefits of being able to enroll other charter schools and receive compensation for their endeavors.

Description of Services
THE A.K.K.F. works closely with charter organizers and operators in one or more of the following phases, to significantly improve the studio owner’s success at opening a new charter school or in fostering the existing operation of a charter school in efforts to achieve maximum efficiencies with minimum effort.

This is a comprehensive outline but it is not intended to be inclusive or exhaustive.

• Review of bylaws and constitution
• Determine Facility capacity for maximum student enrollment utilizing client guidelines for class size
• Review facility for charter school compatibility
• Review current operation practice and make recommendations for changes for charters compatibility (existing schools)
• Advise regarding appropriate references and letters of support Oversight or Management of current School Operations
• Continued training and support on appropriate systems
• Schedule and assist with Grand Opening preparations
• Monitor compliance
• Support enrollment requirements as needed
• Establish procedures to monitor teacher qualification/certification documentation and provide for public inspection
• Develop a Parent-Student Sensei Organization (PSSO)