When your tournament is rated and sanctioned by the A.K.K.F., it will attract many more competitors, especially because of the rating system and the discounts you will afford them. Your competitors will know that they will be rated and their pictures and names will appear in our A.K.K.F. Magazine/Newsletter. It will also give them an opportunity to compete in the California Grand Nationals and possibly win the Super Bowl of Karate/Kung-Fu.

The higher Eagle Ratings will insure you more competitors and you will have an additional staff to help you in your event. Many A.K.K.F. Black Belts will be available for judging and refereeing.


The A.K.K.F. rating is divided into two parts: West of the Mississippi is AREA 1 and East of the Mississippi is AREA 2.

This means there will be two champions in the A.K.K.F. for all divisions. Each year at the A.K.K.F. 5-Eagle California Grand Nationals, all competitors in each division will compete for the Super Grand Champion of their Division, East versus West in a Super Bowl of Karate and Kung-Fu. One winner with the title for one year. The winners will receive many gifts and cash awards.

Point Status begins with the first tournament of the year, the COMPETE NATIONALS in February, and ends with the A.K.K.F. REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in December.